About Us



Hi, my name is Lori Jones and I am the owner of Black ology coffee company. We are a minority woman owned company and we are here to cultivate a love of black coffee through community, education, and the development of relationships.


I am a chef, a baker, and a creative. As a chef my passion is creating and experience through flavor, tools, and ambiance. I’ve also had a passion for coffee that has only grown immensely since then. After being laid off from my job as head chef at a sorority house at UNC, I took two things that I love, stirred in a little of my creativity and voila Black ology Coffee Company was create (a 4 year cultivation finally became a reality and in the midst of a pandemic! 


The name Black ology was birthed back in May of 2019. It was not the time to launch a business with a name to disrupt the nation just yet. Low and behold the Black Lives Matter movement came about and it was time. Black ology ....the study of black.... what does that mean? For me, it is the study of black coffee, chasing those natural flavors of citrus, floral, caramel, chocolate. To others it’s the study of all things black. Black ology is intended to be whatever it is meant to be for whatever it means to them. 


Black ology is also about education. Teaching our consumers how to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Teaching them about different brewing methods, health benefits, and creative ways to use coffee and the grounds they use daily. Going out into the community and providing coffee education while developing new relationships and building a network that we call our family.


So what do we offer? We offer coffees from Africa and Latin America, cocoa, apparel, and merchandise. We will be incorporating coffee equipment soon to allow you the consumer to create the ultimate black coffee experience in your home.


We support minority owned coffee businesses, and are also incorporating Afro Colombian coffee farmers. We are also building a network of minority women owned entrepreneurs.